Vertical Transportation Consulting Services

The profession of vertical transportation or elevator consulting has evolved over the last 50-60 years as an industry devoted to providing building developers, owners and mangers an independent third party technical expertise as they interface with the various elevator companies and their product offerings in the design and operation of vertical transportation systems.
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Steve Kinnaman
Elevator Consultant & Principal
SKA Elevator Consulting Group

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Not all elevator consulting firms offer a full range of services. Larger firms by virtue of the number and background of their employees tend to offer a wider range of service while the smaller or local firms tend to specialize in market segments particularly those of maintenance evaluations and modernizations.

The following shall outline the fundamental framework of the overall services offered by the industry. Individual firms pick and choose their participation based on the background and talent of the individual members.
Market Segments

There are two basic client bases for an elevator consulting firm.

The first is comprised of the design of new buildings which usually includes either an Architect, a Developer or in some instances an Owner like a single tenant occupant such as a large institutional entity. Not all firms partake in this segment; it is generally limited to larger firms or those with the specific technical expertise.
The second is attending to the needs of existing building vertical transportation issues which is done through either the building owners directly or through a property or facilities management organization. Almost all consulting firms partake in this market segment which relies more on field experience than technical education.
Types of Equipment

Passenger & Freight Elevators
Inclined lifts
Material Lifts
Escalators & Moving Walks